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Law Enforcement Museum

Florida State Lodge President James Preston presents the Florida FOP Members donation to Chairman Craig Floyd for the National Law Enforcement Museum

Florida State Lodge President James Preston presented a check for $100,000.00 to Craig Floyd, Chairman of the National Law Enforcement Memorial Fund on behalf of the FOP members and supporters of the Fraternal Order of Police in Florida. These funds raised by the local lodges and individual members and donors of the Florida FOP will assist in building the National Law Enforcement Museum dedicated to the fallen heroes memorialized in Judiciary Square at the National Law Enforcement Memorial Monument. The National Museum, scheduled for completion in 2011, will be a crown jewel for law enforcement officers across the nation. Peace officers and the public will thoroughly enjoy the interactive experience of the Museum as they get a hands on feel for what it means to be a law enforcement officer.

The privately funded National Law Enforcement Museum has launched an $80 million capital campaign, with more than $35 million raised to date. For more information about the Museum, including a virtual tour, visit www.lawenforcementmuseum.org

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